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Parquetry Timber Flooring is manufactured to remarkably accurate dimensions in a modern machinery environment. There is virtually no variation between one block-size and another. They can be installed in a variety of patterns (including any custom pattern you design!)

The result is a near perfect floor.

The problems with laying wooden floors on larger than average floor areas, or even continuation from one room to another, is reduced significantly when the parquet flooring is used.

Shrinkage and expansion of wooden floors occurs naturally. The ever-changing environment of a room, any room, within any building, such as temperature and humidity, will affect the performance of the wooden floor.

Parquetry is composed of dry, narrow and accurately machined pieces of wood, and laid differently from traditional flooring, the total area of the underside glued to the substratum, rather than nailed or the edges glued together, and movement is ever so slight, in fact almost non-existent.


A Floating Floor is a floor that does not need to be nailed or glued to the subfloor.Floating Floors generally take the least amount of time to install as many are constructed in wide panel type.

They are installed by gluing the tongue and groove, or have “click together” that requires no glue., and are not mechanically fastened to the sub floor.

Most floating floors can be installed over most (flat – well secured) ceramic tile, concrete slabs, vinyl flooring, and be installed where there is a slightly higher moisture content, like over slabs with the use of a vapour barrier such as 4-6 mil plastic and foam pad, and in tropical regions of the country. Floating floors are ideal for those that have multiple floor coverings that may be too troublesome to remove or may contain asbestos.

Advantages of Laminated Flooring:

  • less expensive than solid wood flooring

  • easier to install

  • low maintenance

  • practical for everyday use

  • wear resistant

  • easier to clean

  • less problems of expansion/contraction

Looking from a dust stand point you can expect some from the undercutting of door casings or the minor prep of subfloors, depending on the condition of them. Preparation work would include the scraping of concrete subfloors and possible grinding if some higher areas are not suitable for a successful installation. Furthermore it may become necessary to “fill” low areas with a fast drying patching compound.

For wood sub floors it may be necessary to sand down some high areas with the use of a belt sander, edger, or planer. These areas are typically where floor joist systems or plywood sheets meet.


Wood or timber flooring is a great asset to your home by enhancing its beauty and raising the value of your property. Timber flooring is very neutral in colour and style so it always compliments the current decorating trends.Wooden flooring can be protected from damage such as stains, moisture and mechanical wear with a range of finishes. It is the most practical of all floors – solid, elegant, durable, beautiful, natural, easy to clean and hygienic.

Solid Wood Flooring creates a warmer living environment. Oak, Birch, Beech, Ash, Iroko, Maple, Walnut, Merbau, Cherry, Bamboo and many more woods are available (see GALLERY). A scattering of knots, variation in grain and colouring adds character to the floor and sets it apart from less expensive mass produced laminate flooring.

Depending on your requirements, we can supply and fit pre-finished or unfinished wood flooring.

Pre-finished – This is factory finished flooring

Unfinished – Floors must be sanded and sealed after fitting but this is the best option for hardwood flooring

  • advantages – provides continuous surface finish and is most hygienic

  • disadvantages – requires extra time/inconvenience and may incur some additional expense

Hardwood flooring can be supplied featuring long lengths, wide boards, narrow boards, random length, block, herringbone, rustic, modern, wavy boards, hand distressed and micro bevelled (for more visible joint to add character). A variety of finishes including fumed may be used to create different effects. Due to the nature of wood, characteristics including grain pattern, knots and colour vary from board to board and within each board.



Cork is a great choice for flooring, and is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the leading alternative types of flooring.

Cork tile flooring has benefits, such as insulation against noise and temperature. Cork tile flooring is considered the perfect flooring solution because it is easy to maintain, pleasing to the eye, comfortable to walk on, soft and warm, keeps the noise out, insulates against temperature, and yet is rough and tough.

Cork flooring offers several outstanding benefits to homeowner looking for something new and exciting in their home. The durability of cork flooring is appealing to most homeowners. High heels and furniture can do no damage!

When cork is subjected to pressure, the gas in the cells is compressed and volume reduces considerably. When released from pressure, cork recovers very rapidly to its original shape. Cork is remarkably resistant to wear

Natural cork is a fire inhibitor, not spreading the flame, does not release any toxic gases on combustion, cork is antimicrobial and insect repellent. Even termites are unwelcome. The suberin, the inherent substance of cork, is a natural insect repellent.

Perhaps the most valuable asset of cork flooring is the ease of maintenance. Sweeping and mopping will be the usual maintenance. Your floor will last for several decades.


All wooden floors benefit from regular maintenance to ensure you keep your wooden floor looking attractive year after year. By following simple guidelines this can be achieved. The use of an entrance mat, both inside and out is ideal. This will help collect dirt, including sand and grit.

Daily Maintenance

Floors must be swept and vacuumed to remove dust and dirt. Entrance matting should also be cleaned and vacuumed regularly. All liquid spillages should be removed from the floor as quickly as possible to reduce the possibility of staining and/or ‘sticky’ areas which will attract dirt to the surface.

Regular Maintenance

Dirt and spillages should be removed using a suitable wood cleaner to ensure surface is thoroughly clean and smear free. When necessary, clean the floor with a moist cloth/mop. Never use dripping wet, as most wood floors are sensitive to moisture.



                                               | Floor Renovations | Repairs | Sanding | Staining | Polishing |

If a solid wood floor is needed and you have existing timber floor boards under your carpets, then you are half way there already!

We deal with floor sanding, sealing, colour staining, and floor repairs. We can give your wooden floor a perfect finish with our floor sanding, sealing and colour staining services. We can also repair your wooden floor to have it looking like new again.

Preparation for renovations:
We come to measure the area, check for loose boards and give advice on the floors condition.

The room should be clear of furniture and anything that may be affected by dust i.e. soft furnishings/fabrics. Professional modern sanders have effective extraction but some dust is still inevitable. Floor sanding is noisy, we try not to work unsocial hours but you may want to warn the neighbours!

We are extremely competitive within the industry. We are a well established business which provides very good customer satisfaction and an excellent service to our clients. Contact us for more details about our wooden floor sanding, sealing, colour staining and floor repair services.

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